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Organic Green Squash

greensquashAlderman Farms' offers a Green Squash that are very large in size, beautifully vibrant green in color. Grown throughout the United States, Green squash is truly a Native American food. Green squash is one of the non-sweet "fruits" that are often considered a vegetable, because they aren't sweet. But by botanical definition, fruits have their seeds on the inside and squash are fruit, like tomatoes.

One of the reasons that Alderman Farms offers this delicious produce is that it is a very versatile addition to any table. While some require cooking, others can be prepared in every conceivable way: raw, sautéed, grilled, steamed, boiled, broiled, baked, fried, microwaved or freeze-dried. Easily puréed for soups, cakes, pies and quick breads, it also can be spiced and added to rice pilafs, cubed and grilled on skewers, added to stews and made into famous dishes like ratatouille and pumpkin pie. Served alone or as a side dish, the diverse flavors of squash lend itself to any occasion. Every part of the squash plant can be eaten, including the leaves and tender shoots, which can be cooked in omelets or made into soup. And deliciously, Green squash can be a caloric bargain with a nutritional bonus, being remarkably high in antioxidants and even calcium. Alderman Farms adds our beautiful and delicious Green Squash to our fresh medley of produce and the yellow varieties we already offer.

Our Green Squash are available from early November - end of May and are packed in ½ bushel boxes to ensure safe-handling for shipping to our markets.