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Organic Cherry Tomatoes

cherrytomatoesAlthough we grow a full line of tomatoes, Alderman Farms offer a beautiful Cherry Tomato product as one of our smaller garden variety of tomato that is richly colored and noticeably fragrant. Cherry tomatoes range in size from a thumb tip up to the size of a golf ball, and can range from being spherical to slightly oblong in shape. The more oblong ones often share characteristics with plum tomatoes.

Cultivated in the 1970s, Cherry tomatoes have become a popular consumer favorite among tomato lovers. Cherry tomatoes can be baked, broiled, fried, grilled, sautéed, stewed and of course, eaten raw. What can be done with the larger tomato, can also be done with Cherry tomatoes, just on a smaller scale. For this reason, cherry tomatoes are perfect for salads, other smaller fare and of course, for the perfect entertaining appetizers. Cherry Tomatoes are easily quartered and a bit meatier than their larger tomato cousins, but the flavor is zesty, sweet and bright all in one bite. Alderman Farms' Cherry tomatoes are organic and super fresh - and they taste like it! They are delicious enough to eat straight from the tomato basket - so you can only imagine the complex flavor bliss when they mix and mingle with other ingredients. With their love for the warm Florida sun, Alderman Farms' fields produce a high yield of these little treats that positively explode with flavor.

Our Cherry Tomatoes are available from early November - end of May and packed in a clam shell (12-1) or in 20-pound bulk, upon request.